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Tree Removal

Tree Trimming

Stump Grinding

Special precautions are taken when removing trees, especially near homes.


Dangerous limbs and trunks are roped before cutting. Once the limb has been cut, it is gradually lowered to the ground.


Because of inherent risk, the work should only be done by trained, experienced professionals who are fully insured.


Common Reasons for Tree Removal


  • Tree is growing too close to the home and could be causing foundation problems

  • Tree is blocking sunlight, the other trees cannot grow properly

  • Tree is dead, dying, or diseased and poses a threat to your home or property

Stump grinding is the most effective way to get rid of unwanted tree stumps and roots.


Key Benefits


  • No hole to fill with new topsoil

  • No root to haul away

  • Easy to relandscape

Stump grinding removes the stump and the surrounding surface runner-roots left after a tree has been removed. Stumps should be removed to reduce insect activity, reduce new and unwanted growth, provide room for further landscaping, and for improved aesthetic

Our crews at Arbor Rite Tree Surgeon provide expert tree trimming as prescribed by our ISA certified arborists. We understand that your trees are an investment, and that’s why our certified arborists specialize in every aspect of a tree’s heath, targeting specific branches and limbs to increase the long-term and overall health of the tree.


Poor pruning can lead to increased maintenance costs and a reduction in property value that can take years to undo. We use the most current practices when trimming, which helps your trees and the surrounding environment thrive


Improper pruning techniques not only harm a tree’s current structure, but also they can stifle future healthy growth. Mismanaged pruning can result in:


  • stubbed branches or flush cuts, which causes dieback

  • stripping of the canopy which reduces the tree’s ability to make food,

  • increasing the chance of sun scald,

  • reduced height and width of the tree which can increase decay, disease, and weak branch connections.


Tree Service Oxford, AL

Arbor Rite Tree Surgeon LLC   --  Jon Hendrix  --  256-591-7371 -- 2800 Lark Lane, Oxford, AL  36203

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